Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même.

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This is the life of Dauntless, and in this moment, I feel as if I could be one of them.

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guys I made cake balls✌

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PJO/HOO characters part 1/2

Art by andythelemon | Colored by thetitancurse

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guys do you like my theme?? 

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 Give us four reasons why Four should be Americas new fantasy boyfriend. One, he’s really good at calligraphy. Two, he enjoys watching birds, women and the flying type. Three, he s a great skier. And four, he loves poems. 

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yay thanks :)

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any places for good themes?

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You’ll stay with me?' Until the very end.

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Beatrice Prior

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The best proof of love is trust.

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